South Arts 2022-2023 Board and Members 


Executive Board Members


Co-president: Jeanie Clayton Slater

Jeanie has been a member since 2019. She has always loved art and took the Tam O'Shanter art classes at the Carnegie Museum as a c

hild. She attended the Art Institute of Pittsburgh for visual communications and was a graphic designer for an art studio, hospital and university. She freelances now and loves using graphic design to create logos, newsletters, and custom invitations. As a recent empty nester, Jeanie now focuses her talents on painting abstract art using mixed media and has dabbled in watercolor. And she is an avid amateur photographer. Contact Jeanie: 
Visit her website:


Co-president: Tony Condello

Tony holds a wealth of experience. Tony attended the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and upon graduation, worked at the University of Pittsburgh. When he left the university he worked freelance, then taught at the Art Institute for eight years. Tony juggled two careers, while teaching at the Art Institute he also launched his own business in graphic design. His company created ads, brochures,catalogs, logos, websites and annual reports. Some of his clients were:  Alcoa, Duquesne Light, Carnegie Mellon University, The World Bank And Matthews International Corporation, just to name a few.

Contact Tony:


Secretary: Pat Miyamoto

Pat has been a member of South Arts since 1995. She majored in art at Randolph Macon Women's College, and has been painting her whole life, even during her time living in Hawaii and Spain. Her achievements include numerous awards such as gold keys from Scholastic Magazine's annual art contest, acceptance into NYC's Art Student's League, and involvement in other local arts organizations. As Secretary, Pat collects group data and assists with exhibition preparations. 



Treasurer: Aleta Akhtar



Board Members


Galleria Show Co-organizers – Esther Waltz and Nancy Kenney


Figure Drawing Liaison – Dale Gregg


Member Workshops – Cheryl Chivers (demonstrations or open painting to be held on Fridays at noon or possibly on Wednesday evening opposite Figure Drawing sessions)


Library Art Display Coordinator – Margie Kenney (coordinate hanging members artwork for sale at the BP library and in the schoolhouse.)


Membership – Aleta Akhtar


Website and Social Media – Jeanie Slater


Friday Morning Painting Sessions – Tony Condello



Past Presidents


Past President: Sue Denner

Sue developed a love for art at a young age, and began painting at age 14.  She grew up in Shadyside and took courses at what is now the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts.  She continued to work on art throughout her life with a family and a career with the airlines, spending late hours sculpting and painting.  Mrs. Denner is now retired and is able to devote even more time to her art.  She primarily works with oil paint, but has also worked with watercolor, pen and ink, acrylics, sketching, and sculpting.  As President of South Arts, Sue has many responsibilities, including coordinating events and listening to needs of members to name a few. 

Contact Sue:


Past President: Steph Moraca

Steph has 20+ years of painting experience and works primarily with oil and acrylic mediums.  She paints realism landscapes of National Parks and golf courses, and paints portraits live at weddings and corporate events.  Mrs. Moraca received a B.A. in Studio Arts from the University of Pittsburgh in 2012.  Her award-winning landscape paintings are on display in private collections around the world. 
Contact Steph: 
View Steph’s Available Paintings:


58 Current Members


Aleta Akhtar

Diana Alberter

Noel Baker

Patricia Barefoot

Keith Bastianini

Mia Bastolla

Jean Benson

Tony Bittner

Juanita Bollinger

Brittany Burch

Mary Ann Carvlin

Cheryl Chivers

Grace Comisso

Tony Condello

Ellen Conrad

Libby Dean

Nic Dedig

John DelMonte

Susan Denner

Josephine Dieterle

Jennifer Dinovitz

Mary Dunn

Linda Ehrlichman

Rosemarie Geer

Shirley Gottron 

Adella Gregg

Arion Grzelka

Diana Heater

Nancy Hokaj

Josie Huffman

Marge Johnston

Janet Jordan

Nancy Kenney

Margaret Kenney

Toni Kidd 

Lee Klingenberg

Kathleen Lokay

Wendy Mackin 

Patrick McKenzie

Ruth McMillen 

Margie Mersky

Georgia Metsger

Ann Mihm

Pat Miyamoto

Stephen Montgomery    

Stephanie Moraca

Ann O'Mara

Sharon Riesmeyer

Nick Romeo   

Norma Rowley

Jeanie Slater

Patrick Smith    

David Sommers  

Mary Stuart

Richard Sullivan

Marcelline Tokar

Esther Waltz

Sarah Warman

Where to Find Us...

Schoolhouse Art & History Center

Bethel Park Historical Society 

2600 South Park Road

Bethel Park, PA 15102


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